Our Story

Our story goes back to 1886 when a Disciples of Christ evangelist got off the train in Fremont and attended worship at the old Washington College Prep School in Irvington which no longer exists.  He looked around and saw only students in this Christian school and few from the surrounding community.  After a series of outdoor evangelistic meetings 19 people were baptized and joined his new church.  Instructors from the College served as pastors of the church.  When Washington College closed in 1914 supply pastors started coming from the Presbyterian seminary in San Francisco (San Anselmo).  By 1924 Irvington Community Church decided to join the Presbyterian Church USA.

In 1956 the Presbyterian Church USA saw Fremont, Califorrnia as a hot spot for church growth with the construction of a new General Motors plant.  The denomination helped transform the little country church into a large suburban multi-staff church.  Purchasing new land, building new facilities, growth of the church kept pace with the burgeoning Fremont community.  Reaching a peak of over 1300 members by 1969 we had come a long ways in 80 years.

In recent years Fremont has become an exciting hub for newly arriving immigrants from China and India as well as many other countries.  The challenge for the church today is to learn how to serve people from widely different backgrounds.  It’s an exciting challenge but its the same challenge as when it started.  Reaching people for Jesus Christ and making fully devoted disciples has been and hopefully always will be this church’s story.