Children’s Melodica Club

Hello Parents,

We are happy to announce the start of the Children’s Melodica Club, hosted by Irvington Presbyterian Church. The club is open to children from first to sixth grade, and admission is free. Through regular group practices and special performances, children can learn music basics and how to play the melodica in a group.

For the Spring Session of the Children’s Melodica Club, we will prepare for a special Easter performance on Sunday, April 17th at Irvington Presbyterian Church in Fremont, followed by a Mother’s Day performance on Sunday, May 8th. We will practice every Sunday for 8 weeks from 11:15am – 12:15pm at Irvington Presbyterian Church, located at 4181 Irvington Ave, Fremont. Our first practice will be on Sunday, March 13th.

Please prepare your own melodica by the first practice session. Children in first to fourth grade can play 32-key melodicas, and older children are encouraged to play 37-key melodicas. Melodicas are available for purchase on Amazon, links below:

CAHAYA Melodica 32 Keys Double Tubes Mouthpiece Air Piano Keyboard Musical Instrument with Carrying Bag 32 Keys, Black, CY0050-1

Eastar 37 Keys Melodica Instrument, Soprano Melodica Air Piano Keyboard Pianica with 2 Soft Long Tubes, Short Mouthpieces, Carrying Bag, Black

If you are interested in joining the Spring Session of the Children’s Melodica Club, please contact at (408) 802-5988 or through e-mail at Please provide your name, contact information and your child’s name and school grade.

Thank you!