Dear IPC Member,

When Pastor Larry announced that he was retiring, Presbytery of San Francisco formed an Engagement Team that will work with IPC through the transition until we select a new Pastor.
This Engagement Team of Rev. Gregory Chan, Rev Don Smith, Keith Geckeler and Bruce Schlobohm is working closely with your Session to insure a smooth transition and insure that we have a Pastor on January 1, 2019.
A Town Hall meeting was held on Sunday October 28 with Rev. Gregory Chan as the moderator.  The minutes of this meeting are attached.  At this meeting, the Engagement Team announced that they will conduct a Congregational Assessment.  A preliminary report will be shared with Session on December 18 and a full report shared with the congregation at a Town Hall Meeting on January 27.  The areas that the Engagement Team will focus on are in the second attachment titled “Areas for Congregational Assessment”.
Sometime during the period beginning Monday November 19 through the week before Christmas, an Engagement Team member will be contacting you for feedback on the questions listed in the Congregational Assessment.
We trust that you will make some time for these important discussions.
Thank you for your help and understanding.

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